Our Peruvian company Surandes born in 2014, is expert in the production of Andean grains such as the quinoa, amaranth, chia, and canihua.  We are oriented in both the international and national supply to diffuse all over the world the healthy benefits of the Peruvian Superfoods.

Peruvian soil has amazing resources that cannot be held within the borders of our country. We have the mission to spread the word and give access to all those treasures to everyone.

We have acquired knowledge and know-how that allow us to be currently present in more than 8 departments of Peru with the help of our 30 technical field’s managers. We are proud to be partners with more than 300 farmers and more than 30 association of producers.

Our aim is not only to benefit the world with our Superfoods but also the farmers, improving their everyday life thanks to continuous training programs that allow them to harvest a better product every year. As quality standards are very important to us, our team of experts is present through the whole productive chain starting from the seed’s choice to the harvest and to the factory process to ensure the best quality of grains according to the client specifications.


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    We aim to be a reliable organization and to become the leader in the commercialization of Superfoods. We want to promote a socially responsible company oriented to the development of all its collaborator’s well-being.


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    We, in Surandes, strive to contribute to the distribution of healthy Superfoods all over the world by using strict processes that guarantee the quality of our products and by ensuring the timely delivery of all your requirements.


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    Social Responsibility